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What up what up! My new podcast has 3 elements: the interview, someone commenting on the interview, and me. Sweet! It's entitled interested. Why do I call it interested? 'Cause I'm actually INTERESTED in the people that I'm talking to, and I hope you are interested, too. Some of my guests include Arsenio Hall, Andy Dick, Whitney Cummings, Chris Rock, and more. Going to drop one episode every Monday at 6:00 AM EST. Stay tuned stoners!






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I'm super excited about this week's episode because we're going back to my classic movie, Son in Law.  I sit down with Peter Lenkov, one of the producers and writers.  He was also the executive producer of 24 and created the most recent Hawaii Five-0.  Peter has been a dear friend of mine for years and I'm super proud of all the things he accomplished in the business.  He's a hard worker and he gets shit done.

I'm super, super honored and excited because my agent at WME, Adam Venit, does the commentary on Peter's interview.  Adam Venit is such a super star agent in his own right, representing such talents as Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Sylvester Stallone, and many, many others, including myself.  Adam and I listened to Peter's interview in his office at WME in Beverly Hills.  We all talked about how we started working together and how Son in Law came about.  We also discuss in length my new documentary, Pauly Shore Stands Alone.  So sit back and enjoy the inside of the inside of the entertainment business, and she how shit was done back in the day.  And if you haven't checked out Pauly Shore Stands Alone on Showtime, please check it out.  It's playing all this month.

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I sit down with one of the best living comics, Chris Rock. A legend for his comedy specials
and his show on HBO, movies like "Pootie Tang" and "Grown Ups". Chris talks about living
in the Sopranos house, Eddie Murphy around the corner, what it was like coming up in comedy and his new flick "Top 5".

Commentary on this episode is the one one and only Tommy "Cat" Davidson of break-out sketch comedy show, "In Living Color". He shares what it was like starting out with Rock, how Mitzi knows best and showing up for gigs wearing two different shoes.

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