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What up what up! My new podcast has 3 elements: the interview, someone commenting on the interview, and me. Sweet! It's entitled interested. Why do I call it interested? 'Cause I'm actually INTERESTED in the people that I'm talking to, and I hope you are interested, too. Some of my guests include Arsenio Hall, Andy Dick, Whitney Cummings, Chris Rock, and more. Going to drop one episode every Monday at 6:00 AM EST. Stay tuned stoners!






September 2014
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Andy Dick: I met Andy Dick several years ago. We did the movie In the Army Now together, and recently he was featured in my Vegas Showtime Special, Vegas is My Oyster. I definitely caught Andy on an off night during this interview. When you guys take a listen, you'll hear why. HaHaHa

Lucas Dick is Andy Dick's real son. I met Lucas several years ago when I did In the Army Now with Andy, Lucas was just a baby then. Lucas is a great young, up and coming stand up comic. And Lucas is actually the father in the relationship with Andy. Classic episode.

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This episode features two legendary stand-up comics - I interview Arsenio Hall, and have Paul Rodriguez comment. Besides being known for stand-up, Arsenio hosted a late night talk show, The Arsenio Hall Show, from 1989-94, and it was revived again last year. I had his friend, Paul Rodriguez, comment on the interview, because they both started doing stand up around the same time, and shared similar success in stand-up before moving on to bigger things. 

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Pauly Shore's Interested #1 - Rick Overton discusses Robin Williams with commentary by Ed Begley Jr. 

As the world knows, the genius Robin Williams passed away recently.  I was very affected by this, not just because of his talents, but because Robin was very close to me and my family.  Robin Williams started at my mom's club, the Comedy Store, in Hollywood back in the late 70's.  I've known him since I was a kid. Hopefully Robin is in a happier place now.  He'll be loved and missed by me forever.  So I chose my first episode to be a tribute to Robin Williams, that's why I thought it was appropriate to interview Rick Overton, one of Robin Williams's best friends - and have Ed Begley Jr., who was also very close with Robin, comment on the interview. Enjoy!

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